Wednesday, 10 April 2013

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start At T-Mobile

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start At T-Mobile
The Apple iPhone 5 is now available for pre-order at T-Mobile. In a move that is decidedly T-Mobile focused, the mobile network is allowing customers to pay $20 per month for two years or pay the full cost for the smartphone upfront.
T-Mobile is selling the iPhone 5 unlocked for $580 (16GB), $680 (32GB), and $780 for the 64GB model.
The mobile network recently rolled out unlimited pricing for its customers while promising to change the mobile landscape in the United States.
iPhone 5′s purchased from T-Mobile will work on outside networks including AT&T and international providers. The pricing is pretty close to the prices being offered by AT&T for off-contract iPhone smartphones. T-Mobile will also allow iPhone customers with older devices to join its network via an over-the-air update. Older devices will only be able to run on AT&T LTE and not T-Mobile’s AWS HSPA spectrum.
Customers looking to get started with a new T-Mobile plan can purchase a $50 option with 500MB of unthrottled data. T-Mobile also offers an unlimited data plan with voice and text calling for just $70.
T-Mobile customers who pre-order an iPhone 5 today can expect the smartphone around April 12.
The move is big news for T-Mobile customers who have heard rumors of the iPhone’s arrival at the mobile network for the last year.
T-Mobile was never willing to sink huge losses into the product line while further lining Apple’s pockets. At the same time, the wireless carrier over the last year has actively campaigned for customers to bring their iPhone based smartphones to the network in unlocked form.
Are you willing to pay full-price for an iPhone 5 on the T-Mobile network?

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